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Estensioni di File di Dati di Gioco

scxStarCraft: Brood War Map
sd7Spring 7ZIP Compressed Data File
sduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Game Data
sdzSpring ZLIB Compressed Data File
se3Tales of Vesperia Audio
setupCryENGINE Character Setup
sfarMass Effect 3 DLC File
sfbPlayStation 3 Disc Data
sgaRelic Entertainment Game Archive
sgaAleph One Saved Game
sgaaAleph One Saved Game
sghGuitar Hero 3 Setlist Settings
sgrSimCity 4 Graphics Rules
sh2Stronghold 2 Saved Game
shaderQuake 3 Engine Shader File
shipStarsector Ship Data
shipworldStarbound Ship Data
shmapStronghold 3 Map
shpaAleph One Shape Data
sii18 Wheels of Steel Haulin Truck Data
sims2packThe Sims 2 Downloaded Package
sims2skinThe Sims 2 Skin Data
sims3The Sims 3 Saved Game
sims3packThe Sims 3 Package
sinSiN Data
sinRise of Nations Data
sjsSimCity 3000 Custom Buildings File
skseSkyrim Script Extender Save File
slakStarship Troopers Data
slhBaldurs Gate II Game Data
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