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Estensioni di File di Dati di Gioco

mcmetaMinecraft Resource META Data
mcrMinecraft Region Data
mcworldMinecraft World Backup
md2Quake 2 3D Model Data
md3Quake 3 Arena 3D Model Data
md5animMD5 Model Animation
md5meshMD5 Model Data
mdlQuake 3D Model Data
mdlxKingdom Hearts 2 Model
me2modMass Effect 2 Modification
megStar Wars: Empire at War Data
menuQuake 3 Engine Menu
mglAge of Empires 2 Replay
mgnStar Wars: Galaxies 3D Model
mgsvMetal Gear Solid V Mod Archive
mgxRise of Nations Saved Game
mgxAge of Empires II: The Conquerors Data
mgzMetal Gear Solid Archive
mhkMyst Game Data
miiNintendo Wii Virtual Avatar
mineMinecraft Map Data
minesweepersave-msMinesweeper Saved Game
misMarble Blast Gold Mission
mjoThief Mesh Joints Data
mlxStarcraft Saved Game
mm7Might and Magic VII Saved Game
mm8Might and Magic 8 Saved Game
mmhDragon Age Model Mesh Heirarchy Data
mmxCommand and Conquer Map
mn2Descent 2 Mission Data
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