Estensioni dei File
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Estensioni di File di Dati di Gioco

l2rLineage II Video File
l3dBlack and White Graphics Data
l7cTales of Hearts Game Data
la0The Curse of Monkey Island Game Data
la1The Curse of Monkey Island Game Data
la2The Curse of Monkey Island Game Data
labyLaby Level
lbaLittle Big Adventure Saved Game
lbfBioShock Game Data
lbpLittleBigPlanet Game Data
lbxMaster of Orion Game Data
ldbRPG Maker 2000 Database
ldoDelta Force Loadout Data
lduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Data
ldwVirtual Villagers Game Data
lecLoom Game Data
levGex Game Data
leyLeylines Game Data
lfdLucasFilm Data
lffLucasFilm Format Image
lflScummVM LFL Library
lfrLittle Fighter 2 Data File
lgpFinal Fantasy Media Archive
lgsAnother War Game Data
lgtAge of Mythology Lighting Data
lhdTwo Worlds Level Header File
lhtsThe Movies Editor Text String Database
lifGame of Life Data
lipOperation Flashpoint Lip Sync File
lipsyncTwo Worlds Data File
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