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Estensioni di File di Dati di Gioco

lpbLaserTank Help File
lpqFairyland Game Data
lprHomeworld Game LPR Data
lrfLeague of Legends Game Replay
Line Rider 2: Unbound Custom Font
lrmLine Rider 2: Unbound Saved Track
lrnApple Chess User Data
lrpLine Rider 2: Unbound Puzzle Part Data
lrsLeague of Legends Replay File
Lode Runner 2 Saved Game
lrtLeague of Legends Replay File
lrw4x4 Evolution Data File
lsLinks LS 1998 Game Data
lsbDivinity: Original Sin Binary Data
lsdFIFA World Cup Environment Data
RPG Maker Game Save
lspLiving Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles Data
lsscriptDivinity: Original Sin Game Script
lsvDivinity: Original Sin Saved Game
lsxDivinity: Original Sin XML Data
ltbROSE Online Data
ltgLaserTank Graphics
ltkGoblins Quest 3 Data
ltrBioware Aurora Racegender-specific Generated Name
ltsLinks Email Tourney Data
ltxStalker Properties Data
luaWorld of Warcraft Interface Configuration
lugBlack and White 2 Data File
luvMedieval 2: Total War Data
luxbLux Delux Map
lv5Return to Wonderland Game Level Data
lv6Return to Wonderland Game Level Data
lvbOutlaws Game Data
lvlMoondust Project Level Data
Oddworld Game Level
SMBX Level Data
Subspace/Continuum Level Data
lvlxMoondust Project Level Data
PGE Extendable Level Data
lvzSubspace/Continuum Map Data
lwrRollerCoaster Tycoon Laser Writing Data
lxbTransformers Game Data
lyrCrysis Layer Data
lzcNeed for Speed Data
lzpLaw and Order 3: Justice Is Served Game Data
lzsSkyRoads Game Data
m18Accolade Mean 18 Course Data
m2World of Warcraft Model Object
m3StarCraft 2 Model Data
m32Duke Nukem 3D Script
m3dCossacks Game Map Data
EverQuest 3D Model Data
Warhammer: Dark Omen 3D Model
m3hStarCraft 2 Model Data
m3sMyst 3 Exile Saved Game
m3tMyst 3 Exile Text
m4bMyst IV: Revelation Game Archive
m4sMyst IV: Revelation Saved Game
m8Heretic II MipMap Image
m8m8mam8 Model
maDiablo 2 Map Data
ma0Diablo 2 Game Data
ma1Diablo 2 Game Data
ma2Diablo 2 Game Data
ma3Diablo 2 Game Data
ma4Diablo 2 Game Data
ma5Diablo 2 Game Data
madstateHomeworld Model Animation Script
maeMy Avatar Editor Character
mahjongtitanssave-msMahjong Titans Saved Game
manmVietcong Game Data
maoDAT Material Object XML
mapFallout Map Data
Fly! Map Data
Furcadia Game Map Data
HPS Ancient Warfare Map Data
Leges Motus Map Data
Quake Uncompiled Map Data
Super Mario War Map Data
Terraria Map Data
1601 a 1680 di 3333