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Extensions de fichier Les données du jeu

tgqDungeon Keeper 2 Game Movie
tgvNeed for Speed In-game Video
tgxStronghold Crusader TGX Image
thfReckless Thief Level Data
tigerTomb Raider Game Data
tikHeavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 TIKI Model
tizInfinity Engine Compressed Tileset
tjaTaikojiro Song Map
tjcTaikojiro Song Map Sequence
tkrTinker Custom Level
tlkBioware Talk Table
tlncSplinter Cell: Double Agent Data
tmclDead or Alive 5 Texture Map
tmo3DCG Animation and Pose Data
tmodTerraria Mod
tniVirtua Tennis Data
tocWorld of Warcraft Add-on TOC
tp4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture
tqmTitan Quest Mod Manager File
tr2Tomb Raider 2 Game Data
treStar Wars Galaxies TRE Archive
trfTrain Simulator Traffic Pattern
trusaveTomb Raider: Underworld Saved Game
ts1VirtualBus Texture Description
ts4scriptThe Sims 4 Script
tso3DCG Model Data
tsrTSR Launcher Data
ttarchTelltale Games Archive
ttarch2The Walking Dead: Season Two Game Data
ttgRed Alert 3 Game Data
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