Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Les données du jeu

s11Descent 2 Game Data
s2Stranded 2 Mapfile
s22Descent 2 Game Data
s2dataStarCraft II Data
s2mStronghold 2 Map
s2maStarCraft II Map Data
s2mhStarCraft II Map Header
s2miStarCraft II Cache
s2mvStarCraft II Map Preview
s2zHeroes of Newerth Game Data
s3dEverQuest Game Data
s3dpakTimeShift Data
s3fSlitherine 3D Model
s3mScorched 3D Mod
s3tScorched 3D Tankpack
s4mSWAT 4 Map Data
s5xSettlers: Heritage of Kings Game Data
sa1Game Boy Emulator Save
sablCall of Duty: Black Ops II Game Data
sakPostal Game Data
samiGrand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Installer File
sanRebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire Data
sawLiving Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles Data
sb0Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Game Data
sbgCompany of Heroes Map
sc2archiveBlizzard StarCraft 2 Archive
sc2assetsBlizzard StarCraft 2 Assets
sc2bankStarCraft 2 Bank
sc2dataStarCraft II Data
sc2maStarCraft 2 Map Data
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