Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Les données du jeu

opps3Darksiders Game Package
orkWarhammer: Mark of Chaos Game Archive
orzHolic Online Game Data
osbOsu! Beatmap Script
osfDescent 3 Outrage Sound
oskOsu! Skin File
osnOMSI Saved Situation
osrOsu! Replay File
osuOsu! Script
otdOpenIV Texture Data
otrOver the Reich Saved Game
ovhOMSI Vehicle Configuration File
ovlRollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data
owpOriginal War Game Package
ozbMU Online Image
ozjMU Online Image
oztMU Online Image
paaArmed Assault Texture Data
packedJericho Game Data
packmetaQuantum Break Package Metadata
pakQuake Engine Data
pazBlack Desert Game Data
pb2mapPlazma Burst 2 Custom Map
pboOperation Flashpoint Data
pckPerfect World Package
pcpackSpider-Man 3 PC Game Data
pcsavMass Effect 2 Saved Game
pcsxstatePCSX Saved State
pdlcFarming Simulator Downloadable Content Package
pdtHPS Ancient Warfare Parameter Data File
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