Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Les données du jeu

lhtsThe Movies Editor Text String Database
lifGame of Life Data
lipOperation Flashpoint Lip Sync File
lipsyncTwo Worlds Data File
litemodMinecraft LiteLoader Mod File
llmSecond Life Linden Lab Mesh
llsdSecond Life Linden Lab Structured Data
lmpThe Bards Tale Game Data
lmtRPG Maker 2000 Map Tree
lmuRPG Maker 2000 Map
lncFootball Manager LNC Data
lnrLunar Invasion Saved Game
lodHeroes of Might and Magic III Graphics Data
lomLock On 3D Model
losClose Combat 2 Map Data
loveLOVE Game
lpbLaserTank Help File
lpqFairyland Game Data
lrsLeague of Legends Replay File
lrtLeague of Legends Replay File
lrw4x4 Evolution Data File
lsdRPG Maker Game Save
ltgLaserTank Graphics
ltkGoblins Quest 3 Data
luaWorld of Warcraft Interface Configuration
lugBlack and White 2 Data File
luvMedieval 2: Total War Data
luxbLux Delux Map
lvbOutlaws Game Data
lvlOddworld Game Level
631 a 660 de 1386