Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Les données du jeu

fv2Metal Gear Solid V Game Data
fxcbCrysis Shader Cache Data
fzdAIRLINE City Data
g3pGrandprix 3 Car Physics Data
g3xRealFlight Content
g4bSokoban++ Level Data
gafTotal Annihilation Texture
galaxyBlizzard Galaxy
gamCyberboard Game File
gameApple Chess Saved Game
gauMicrosoft Flight Simulator Gauge File
gaxAge of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion v1.0 Saved Game
gazAge of Empires II Saved Game
gblorbGlulx Blorb Game File
gbxCyberboard GameBox File
gca4GURPS Character Data
gcsGURPS Character Sheet Data
gctOcarina Code Manager Data
gcv3D SexVilla Game Movie
gdaDragon Age Game Data
gdfGURPS Data File
gdgClose Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge Data
gdwJaws Unleashed Data
geaFIFA 2000 Game Data
gfcDoom 3 GFC Data
gffBioware Generic File Format
gfpkScarlet Blade Game Archive
gfxWarcraft II: Tides of Darkness Image
gglAnimal Quest Game Data
ggpkPath of Exile Game Data
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