Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Données

onepkgMicrosoft OneNote Package
onetasticOnetastic for OneNote Data
onetmpMicrosoft OneNote Temporary File
onetocMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents
onetoc2Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents
onexportON1 Photo Export Data
onlPATCHMASTER Online Analysis Information
onmOutdoor Navigator Map
onportraitfdPerfect Effects Data
onresizePerfect Effects Resize Data
onttheWord Bible Text Module
ontxtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
onwOmron NTST Data
onxONYX PosterShop Packaged Job
onxOnyxGRASS 3D Model
ooaOOA Interchange Format Data
oobSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model Backup
oocCHARTrunner Out-of-control Tests Definition
oodbriO&O Defrag Binary Report Data
ookArachne Batch Script
oolOrbit GIS Object List
oomSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model
ooxmlOffice Open XML File
opEntrypoint 90 Operator Profile Data
opeSignal OptionsPlus Data
opOpenPAT Report Data
op2Nastran Binary Results
op4Nastran Binary Results
opalMicrosoft Office Language Specific Resources
opbBryce Object Data
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