Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Données

rocaRIB Office Compressed Archive
rodSiebel Report Object Design
rodxAncestry Genealogical Database
rodzAncestry Genealogical Database
rogRoger 2 Input Data
rohAvantes USB Spectrometer Data
roiENVI Region of Interest Data
roiMotionTracking Regions of Interest Data
roiShark ROI System Data
roiSiebel Report Object Instance
rokRoku HD1000 Firmware Update
rolSiebel Report Object Library
romAMI BIOS Firmware Update
romGeneral ROM Image
romNES ROM Image
rooOracle CODASYL DBMS Database Root
rootHippoDraw ROOT Ntuples
ropPSS/E OPF Model
rorResources of a Resource File
rotSTK Central Body Rotation File
rouEnRoute v3 Toolpath Data
rouRoute 66 Route Data
rovSiebel Report Object Variable
roxSiebel Report Object Executable
rozaSc Timetables Data
rp2RetroPlatform Player Archive
rp9-snapshotRetroPlatform Snapshot Image
rpbRadmin Phonebook
rpcBillQuick Enterprise Invoice Data
rpcCrystal Reports RPC File
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