Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Données

mkrmy Knowledge Representation Data
mksMasterCook Cookbook Data
mksTACT Data File
mkuMagicKey Units Definition
mkxDiamino Fashion Suite File
mkyMagicKey Configuration Data
ml0MultiLedger Company Data
ml1MultiLedger Balance Data
ml2MultiLedger Budget Data
ml3MultiLedger Chart of Accounts Data
ml4MultiLedger Customers Data
ml5MultiLedger Vendors Data
ml6MultiLedger Items Data
ml7MultiLedger Salesperson Data
ml8MultiLedger Job Data
ml9MultiLedger Transactions Data
mlaMaple Repository File
mlbHP OpenVMS Macro Library
mlbMultiLedger Ship Via Data
mlbPeachText List Manager Data
mlcmAirList Cart Set
mlcMicrosoft Office Language Interface Pack
mlcMultiLedger Ship To Data
mldmAirList Desktop File
mldMultiLedger Index Data
mldMultilizer Dictionary Data
mldMyLabel Designer Deluxe Label Data
mldXilinx Microprocessor Library Definition
mldatxSimulink Simulation Data Inspector Session Data
mlemAirList Event List
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