Extensions de nom de fichier
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Extensions de fichier Données

ismISAM Database
ismlIIS Smooth Streaming Publishing Point Definition
ispcImage Surfer Pro Collection
isrInstallShield Uninstall Information
istgImagine Staging File
isvIDL iTools Saved State
iswZoneAlarm ForceField Data
iswIntuit Statement Writer Data
is_Compressed ISP File
it3Internet Timer 3 Log
itbiTunes Database
itdSDL Intermediate Translation Document
itdIRIT 3D Data
itdbiTunes Database
iteiTunes Extras
itkInsight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit Data
itliTunes Library File
itlpiTunes LP Album Data
itmiThink Model
itmspiTunes Store Package
itnTomTom Route Data
itpGROMACS Include Topology
itpe-Record Data File
itpciTunes Podcast Link
itriThink Runtime
itssMicrosoft InfoTech Storage System File
ittIconTweaker Theme
ituSheffield Dictionary Data
itvNostalgia Emulator Intellivision ROM
itwInTouch With Database
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