Extensiones de archivo
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Extensiones de archivos de Datos del Juego

svbTorchlight 2 Saved Game
sveSimutrans Saved Game
svsGameBoy Advance Saved State
svtTorchlight Saved Game
sweNHL 2002 Game Data
swwAnno 2070 Saved Game
sxaGekido Game Data
sxtSingles Extension
sybSyberia BINK Video
syjSyberia Texture
synExcessive Speed Data
systemVega Strike Virtual System Data
tTADS 3 Source Code
t3TADS 3 Compiled Game
t3cTADS 3 Game Configuration
t3uThief 3: Deadly Shadows Game Archive
tableHigh Heat Baseball 2000 Game Data
tah3DCG Mod File
tbmToribash Mod
tbn3DCG Binary Data
td4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track
td6RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design
tduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Data
terBlack and White 2 Terrain Data
tewWrestling Spirit Game Data
tex0Wii Texture
tfFollin Player II Music
tfcUnreal Engine 3 Texture File Cache
tfrTIE Fighter Pilot File
tgamWakfu Game Data
1081 para 1110 de 1377