Extensiones de archivo
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Extensiones de archivos de Datos del Juego

ogfStalker Model Data
ogzCube 2 Map Data
oivOpenIV Mod Package File
ojmO2Jam Music File
ojnO2Jam Note File
ojsO2Jam Image File
ojtO2Jam Image File
ojtO2Jam Music File
ojtO2Jam Note File
olValve Hammer Object Layout
omodOblivion Mod Archive
omwOmweso Game Data
onccOni Game Character Data
oniOni Game Data
onlvOni Game Level Data
oobHPS Ancient Warfare Army Data
oppcDarksiders Game Package
opps3Darksiders Game Package
orkWarhammer: Mark of Chaos Game Archive
orzHolic Online Game Data
osbOsu! Beatmap Script
osfDescent 3 Outrage Sound
oskOsu! Skin File
osnOMSI Saved Situation
osrOsu! Replay File
osuOsu! Script
otdOpenIV Texture Data
otrOver the Reich Saved Game
ovhOMSI Vehicle Configuration File
ovlRollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data
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