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Extensiones de archivos de Datos del Juego

gogGOG.com Archive
gooJedi Knight: Mysteries of The Sith Game Data
goomodWorld of Goo Add-on
gorMyth: The Fallen Lords Game Data
gpacSim Brothel Game Data
gpfRagnarok Online Game Patch
gpmCrossword Puzzle
grfRagnarok Online Game Data
grhLittle Fighter Game Data
grleFarming Simulator Game Data
grvThe 7th Guest Data
gs0Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save
gscCall of Duty Script
gslAnimal Quest Game Data
gsnCyberboard Scenario
guiDoom 3 GUI Data
gutShadow Company: Left for Dead Data
gw1Gateworld Data File
gxtGrand Theft Auto 2 Text
gyuImouto Paradise Data
gzpGiants Citizen Kabuto Data
gzrGunZ Replay
h2oBattle Realms Game Data
h3cHeroes of Might and Magic III Campaign Data
h3mHeroes 3 Map
h4mResident Evil Zero Game Data
h4rHeroes of Might and Magic IV Data
h5cHeroes of Might and Magic V Campaign Data
h5mHeroes of Might and Magic V Map Data
h5pHeroes of Might and Magic V Game Data
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