Extensiones de archivo
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Extensiones de archivos de Datos del Juego

ds2mapDungeon Siege 2 Map
ds2resDungeon Siege 2 Data
dsgDoom Saved Game
dslCritical Seeker Picture Packet
dsplCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server Playlist
dsresDungeon Siege Resource Data
dv2Divinity 2 Data
dwiDance With Intensity Song
dxDeus Ex Map File
dxmDeus Ex Modloader Map
dxsDeus Ex Saved Game
dxwDimensioneX World Data
dzbThe Wind Waker Collision Mesh Data
dzipThe Witcher 2 Game Archive
dzrThe Wind Waker Room Data
dzsThe Wind Waker Worldspace Data
e2gmPangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game
e3Esoteria Game Data
e3modEmergency 3 Mod Package
e4modEmergency 4 ModPack
e4pEmergency 4 Prototype File
ea3FIFA 2001 Game Data
eanDragonBall Xenoverse Animation
echrExplorations RPG Game Engine Resource
eepfEmuOS Exchangeable Packet
eesEmpire Earth Scenario Data
effInfinity Engine 2.0 Effects
eglSabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea Data
egmEnigmo Solutions File
egrpExplorations RPG Game Engine Resource
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