Extensiones de archivo
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Extensiones de archivos de Datos

rsuOS/2 Warp Remote Software Update
rswR&R ReportWorks SQL Report Writer Report
rsyFLEXIT Multishot Survey Raw Data File
rt1SAS/GIS TIGER Basic Data Record
rt2SAS/GIS TIGER Shape Coordinate Points
rt4SAS/GIS TIGER Index to Alternate Feature Names
rt5SAS/GIS TIGER Feature Name List
rt6SAS/GIS TIGER Additional Address and ZIP Code
rtaAdobe RoboHelp RTA Data File
rtcCARE-S InfoWorks Real Time Control Data
rtcBrainVoyager QX Regions-of-interest TC Data
rtdRetina Network Security Scanner Output
rtdaMicrosoft Enterprise Voice Route Helper Data
rtgsOracle FLEXCUBE RTGS Message
rthANSYS Results File
rti2Indexed Rainbow Tables Data
rtkAdobe RoboHelp RTK Data File
rtmNavicat Report File
rtmpRTMP Stream Data
rtnCarlson Survey Road Network File
rtpGROMACS Residue Topology
rtrAstrotite 200X Offline Data Repair File
rtreeGeneral R-Tree Data
rtsAdobe RoboHelp RTS Data File
rtsRoyal TS v1 Document
rtstnAudials Station Data
rtsxRoyal TS v2 Document
rttexProton Texture Data
rtwshAudials Radiotracker Wishlist
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