Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

gmmGlobal Mobile Media
gmtGlobal Mobile Television
gmvGens Game Recording
gtsCaptiveWorks PVR Video
gviGoogle Video
gvpGoogle Video Pointer
gxfSMPTE General Exchange Format Video
h-263H.263 Video
h261H.261 Video
h262H.262 Encoded Video
h263H.263 Video
h264H.264 Bitstream
h265HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
h3rPanasonic Security Camera Recorded Video
h4mNintendo Gamecube Game Video
h64Audio-less H.264 Video
havHandan Video Stream
havHigh Quality Audio-Video
hboxSurveillance Camera Recorded Video
hdmovHD QuickTime Movie
hdvHigh-definition Digital Video
hevHEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hev1HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hevcHEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hkvEyesight IP Camera Video
hlsHTTP Live Streaming Video
hlvH.263 Flash Video
hm10HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hmvHoudini HMV Movie
hpvHPV Eco-system Video
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