Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

f4fFlash MP4 Video Fragment
f4pAdobe Flash MP4 Protected Media
f4vFlash MP4 Video
fbrBB FlashBack 1.5 Screen Recorder Movie
fbrMercury Screen Recorder Data
fbzBB FlashBack 1.4 Screen Recorder Movie
fcoFiasco Compressed Video
fdvFulldome Digital Video
ffmFFmpeg Video Stream
ffm2FFmpeg Video Stream
filmFilmkey Player Media
filmstripAdobe Premiere Filmstrip
flcAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flhFLIC Animation
fliAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flicAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flmAdobe Premiere Filmstrip
fluxdvdFluxDVD Video
flvAdobe Flash Video File
flvatDownloaded Flash Video
fmfAtomic3D Video
fmvBink Tools Full Motion Video
fmvFamtasia Captured Movie
fsvFreeSWITCH Video File
ftcFluxTime Clip File
fvtFAST Video
g64xGenetec Security Center Video
gdwxGridow Producer Video
gfpGreenForce-Player Protected Media
gifvImgur GIF Video File
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