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Video File Extensions

m03Magic Lantern RAW Video
m04Magic Lantern RAW Video
m05Magic Lantern RAW Video
m1pgMedia 100 iFinish Video Clip
m1vMpeg Video
m2pMpeg-2 Program Stream
m2psMpeg-2 Program Stream
m2tMPEG-2 Transport Stream
Sony AVCHD Video
m2tsSony AVCHD Video
m2vMpeg Video
m4fSony Network Camera MPEG-4 Video
m4sGPAC MP4Box MP4 Video Segment
m4uM4U Playlist File
m4viTunes M4V Video
m65REI Camera System Video
m75MPEG Video
mapHD DVD Advanced Content Time Map
matroskaMatroska Video
mbrZune Smooth Streaming File
mcamMediaCam Video
mccMacCaption Closed Caption File
mcmovieMadCap Mimic Movie
mcmvMadCap Mimic Movie
mgvSony PSP Video
mimovMadCap Mimic Movie
mj2Motion JPEG 2000 Video
mjpMJPEG Video
mjp2Motion JPEG 2000 Video
mjpegMJPEG Video
mjpgMJPEG Video
mk3dMatroska Stereoscopic/3D Video
mksMatroska Subtitle
mkvMatroska Video
mkv3dMatroska Stereoscopic/3D Video
ml20Mercury Messenger for Mac Video
MSN Webcam Recorder Video
mlvMagic Lantern RAW Video
mmvSony MicroMV Video
modHDD Camcorder Video Data
JVC Everio Video
moddSony AVCHD Metadata
moffSony AVCHD Index
moiHDD Camcorder Time-Stamp Data
moovQuickTime Movie
movQuickTime Movie
movieQuickTime Movie
SGI Movie
mp2pMpeg 2 Stream
mp2tMPEG-2 Transport Stream
mp2vMpeg Video
mp4Mpeg-4 Video Container
mp41Microsoft MPEG-4 v1 Video
mp4sMpeg-4 Video Container
mp4vMpeg-4 Video Container
mpbTruVideo Video-only Stream
mpeMpeg Video
mpegMpeg Video
mpeg-4Mpeg-4 Video Container
mpeg-psMPEG Program Stream Data
mpeg1Mpeg Video
mpeg2Mpeg Video
mpeg4Mpeg-4 Video Container
mpegpsMPEG Program Stream Data
mpgMpeg Video
mpg2Mpeg Video
mpg4Mpeg-4 Video Container
mplMPL2 Subtitle Data
mpngMotion PNG Animation
mpsubMPlayer Subtitles File
mpvMpeg Video
mpv2Mpeg Video
mpv4Mpeg-4 Video Container
mqvSony Clie Video
ms-asfAdvanced Systems Format Media
ms-dvrAVS Media Player MS-DVR Video
ms-wmvWindows Media Video
msnwctcpMSN TCP Webcam Stream
mtvAMV Encoded Video
mv4Mpeg-4 Video Container
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