Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

cavsChinese AVS Video
cbfBSPlayer Chapter File
ccpCaptureCAM Pro Screen Recording
ccrAtari Jaguar Cinepak Chunky-format Video
cdxlCDXL Video File
cffUltraviolet Common File Format
chapMP4Box Movie Chapter Data
chfBSPlayer Chapter Information
chkSSConvert Video Subtitle Data
cifCIF RAW Video File
cinePhantom Cine Digital Video
cipCavena Toolbox Subtitles Data
cismvCHIP Video
clkClickView Video
cmrecCamtasia Studio v8.3 Recording
cmvCreative ZEN MX Video
cpkSega Saturn Cinepak Video
crecMicrosoft Lync Recording
crgAtari Jaguar Cinepak Chunky-format RGB Video
cvccVideo Video File
cvdChaoji VCD Subtitle
cx3IDView CMS Recorded Video
d3vDatel MAX Media Player Video
davDVR365 Encrypted Video
dceDriveCam Video Event
dfxpDistribution Format Exchange Profile
dgwDigi-Watcher Video File
dirMacromedia Director Movie
divDivX Video
divxDivX Video
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