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Video File Extensions

drcBBC Dirac Video
dreamDream Animated Wallpaper
dsvDSVideo Movie
dsyBesta Electronic Dictionary Video
dtcp-ipWindows Live Movie Maker DTCP-IP Video
dtvDVD2AVI Internal Stream
dvDigital Video
dv-aviMicrosoft DV-AVI Video
dv4Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video
dvddataTMPGEnc DVD Author Video
dvdmovieRipIt Ripped DVD Movie
dvfD-Link IP Camera Video
Panasonic DV Video File
dvmDVM Video
dvrMicrosoft Digital Video Recorder File
dvr-msMicrosoft Digital Video Recorder File
dvsdDVMaster Pro Video
dvtDepoView Digital Video Transcript Data
dvxDivX Video
dwyDwyco Video Clip
encmPanasonic Encrypted Video
epmMPE Encoder Encrypted Portable Media
es3Canon VIXIA HG21 High Resolution Exported Movie
evaMSX EVA Video
evoCEI EnVideo Animation
HD DVD Enhanced VOB File
eyeETI Video Recording File
eyetvEyeTV Recorded Video
eztEZTitles Subtitles Data
f4fFlash MP4 Video Fragment
f4pAdobe Flash MP4 Protected Media
f4vFlash MP4 Video
fbrBB FlashBack 1.5 Screen Recorder Movie
Mercury Screen Recorder Data
fbzBB FlashBack 1.4 Screen Recorder Movie
fcoFiasco Compressed Video
fdvFulldome Digital Video
ffmFFmpeg Video Stream
ffm2FFmpeg Video Stream
filmFilmkey Player Media
filmstripAdobe Premiere Filmstrip
flcAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flhFlash High Definition Video
FLIC Animation
fliAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flicAutodesk Animator FLIC File
flmAdobe Premiere Filmstrip
fluxdvdFluxDVD Video
flvAdobe Flash Video File
flvatDownloaded Flash Video
fmfAtomic3D Video
fmvBink Tools Full Motion Video
Famtasia Captured Movie
fsvFreeSWITCH Video File
ftcFluxTime Clip File
fvtFAST Video
g64xGenetec Security Center Video
gdwxGridow Producer Video
gfpGreenForce-Player Protected Media
gifvImgur GIF Video File
gm2Gens Game Recording Format 2 File
gmmGlobal Mobile Media
gmtGlobal Mobile Television
gmvGens Game Recording
gtsCaptiveWorks PVR Video
gviGoogle Video
gvpGoogle Video Pointer
gxfSMPTE General Exchange Format Video
h-263H.263 Video
h261H.261 Video
h262H.262 Encoded Video
h263H.263 Video
h264H.264 Bitstream
h265HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
h3rPanasonic Security Camera Recorded Video
h4mNintendo Gamecube Game Video
h64Audio-less H.264 Video
havHandan Video Stream
High Quality Audio-Video
hboxSurveillance Camera Recorded Video
hdVistaCodecs HD Data
hdmovHD QuickTime Movie
hdvHigh-definition Digital Video
hevHEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hev1HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hevcHEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hkvEyesight IP Camera Video
hlsHTTP Live Streaming Video
hlvH.263 Flash Video
hm10HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
hmvHoudini HMV Movie
hpvHPV Eco-system Video
hqApple ProRes 422 HQ Video
hupHaihaisoft Universal Player Media
hvc1H.265 HVC1 Video
idxVobSub Subtitle Index
ifvIndeo Format Video
imvImpatica Video
insvInsta360 Panoramic Video
iprApple LiveType Animation
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