Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

vqaVector Quantized Animation
vroDVD-VR Video
vs4AVTECH CCTV Video Surveillance
vseVideo Server E Video
vsfViPlay Subtitle File
vvfSpeco Digital Video Recorder Video
wccWinCam 2000 Cache
wcmWinCam 2000 Movie
wcoWinCam 2000 Distributable Movie
wcvWavelet Compressed Video
webmWebM Video
wmvWindows Media Video
wmxWindows Media Redirector
wtvWindows Media Center Recorded TV
wvhWebView Livescope Viewer Video
wvmWideVine DRM Protected Video
wvxWindows Media Video Redirector
x264H.264 Bitstream
xasSony Playstation Video
xavcSony XAVC Video
xescMicrosoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture
xlmvXunlei Movie
xmvXenon Motion Video
xpvPelco Security Camera Video
xsubDivX Media Subtitle
xvidMicrosoft Video for Windows Movie
y4mYUV4MPEG2 Video
ymvYabause Movie
yogOuterra Captured Video File
yuvUncompressed YUV Video
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