Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

tivoTiVo DVR Video
tixDivX Ticket
tlvPlotwatcher Time Lapse Video
tmiTCM-3 Encoded Video File
tmsArcSoft ShowBiz Captured Video
todJVC Camcorder Video
tpBeyond TV Transport Stream
tp0Homecast PVR TP0 Video
tpdCyberlink TOD Video
trecCamtasia Studio v8.4 Recording
tsMPEG-2 Transport Stream
ts4Technisat Digicorder HD Video
ttxtMPEG-4 Timed Text File
tvsTeamViewer Video Session
tvvTV NOW Portable Video Recorder Video
tyTiVo Video Stream
ub1DRS-1100 Recorded Video
udpMSN Webcam Recorder Video
um4Samsung UHD TV Video
umvUnimo DVR Video
usfUniversal Subtitle Format File
usmScaleForm GFx Video Content
usmUSM Game Video
uvcabUVScreenCamera Video
uvhDECE HD Video
uvmDECE Mobile Video
uvpDECE PD Video
uvsDECE SD Video
uvsegUVScreenCamera Video Segment
uvuUltraviolet Common File Format
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