Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

sfvidcapSonic Foundry Video Capture Data
sgvSelf-Guard Security Camera Video
sivSilicon Imaging Video
skmSKM Video
skyActiveSky Movie Clip
smkSmacker Video
smovSealed Quicktime Movie
smp1Sealed MPEG-1 Video
smp4Sealed MPEG-4 Video
smpegSealed MPEG Movie
smpgSealed MPEG Movie
smvSigmaTel Motion Video
spaFutureSplash Animator Movie
splashSplash Pro EX Video
sqjAXIS Camera Explorer Video
srgAtari Jaguar Cinepak Smooth-format RGB Video
srtSubRip Subtitle Format
ssaSubStation Alpha Subtitle
sstSonic Scenarist Subtitle
sstsStream SubText Script Subtitle
stjSTLabs Video Data
stlEBU-STL Standard Subtitle File
stlSpruce DVD Studio Pro Subtitle Data
stlWin2020 Subtitle Data
strSony Playstation Video Stream
strgE-Viewer Recorded Stream
subMicroDVD Subtitle Format File
subVobSub Subtitle
sviSamsung Video File
svq3Sorenson Video v3
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