Filename Extensions
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Video File Extensions

261H.261 Video
262H.262 Encoded Video
263H.263 Video
264H.264 Bitstream
265HEVC/H.265 HM-10 Video
3g3GP Video File
3g23GPP2 Video File
3gp3GP Video File
3gp23GPP2 Video File
3gpp3GP Video File
3gpp23GPP2 Video File
3ivx3ivx Video
3p23GPP2 Video File
3pg3GP Video File
4xm4X Movie
60dCCTV Video Clip
787AVTECH CCTV Video File
890Cavena Subtitles
aavOccuRec Recorded Video
aepAudioGraph for Netscape Animation
airaAimetis Symphony AIRA Video
ajpJPEG2000 Digital Surveillance Recorder Video
amcAMC Video
amvAMV Encoded Video
amxAdobe Motion Exchange Video
anxAnnodex Exchange Format Data
aqtAQTitle Subtitle File
asfAdvanced Systems Format Media
assAdvanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle
asxAdvanced Stream Redirector
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