Filename Extensions
If you are seeking information about file extensions, then you are in the right place at right time.

Unknown File Extensions

phgUnknown PHG File
phsrUnknown PHSR File
pqhUnknown PQH File
pubxUnknown PUBX File
pwuUnknown PWU File
qwgUnknown QWG File
tvwUnknown TVW File
ulvUnknown ULV File
unknownUnknown File
visioUnknown VISIO File
xkcUnknown XKC File
xl5Unknown XL5 File
xlxsUnknown XLXS File
xnxxUnknown XNXX File
xoxUnknown XOX File
ywdUnknown YWD File
zktUnknown ZKT File
zvzUnknown ZVZ File
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