Filename Extensions
If you are seeking information about file extensions, then you are in the right place at right time.

Unknown File Extensions

bvbUnknown BVB File
ckwUnknown CKW File
criptUnknown CRIPT File
cuidUnknown CUID File
dllxUnknown DLLX File
dogxUnknown DOGX File
dtgphaUnknown DTGPHA File
dyvUnknown DYV File
ekuUnknown EKU File
exe1Unknown EXE1 File
eyzUnknown EYZ File
fagUnknown FAG File
fgwaUnknown FGWA File
frnUnknown FRN File
fvxUnknown FVX File
gayUnknown GAY File
gvxUnknown GVX File
gz2Unknown GZ2 File
iguUnknown IGU File
irnbUnknown IRNB File
jhlUnknown JHL File
jhoUnknown JHO File
jtnUnknown JTN File
kaiUnknown KAI File
kbaUnknown KBA File
klmUnknown KLM File
kzqUnknown KZQ File
lcyUnknown LCY File
oooUnknown OOO File
ovjUnknown OVJ File
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