Filename Extensions
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Project File Extensions

baseprojDNA Baser Sequence Alignment Project
baserprojDNA Baser Sequence Alignment Project
bbmodelBlockbench Project
bbprojectBBEdit Project
bbprojectdBBEdit Project Package
bcardBusiness Card Composer Project
bcpBamcompile Project
bcpfBandicut Video Cutter Project
bcwBusinessCards MX Project
bdsgroupBorland Developer Studio Project Group
bdsprojBorland Developer Studio Project
bfpQuest Benchmark Factory Project
bhwBlophome Published Project
bifGet Backup Project
bifxGet Backup Project
bilRiadaBillboard Project
bimprojectBIM Server Project
bipBlue Ink Project
bizArcSoft ShowBiz Project
blcBiacore Instruments Project
bldBroderbund 3D Home Architect Project
bldEnergyPRO Project
bldEnvisioneer Building Project
bleBIAevaluation Project
blsBiacore BIAlite Project
bmcBolide Movie Creator Project
bmoSIMATIC WinCC Script
bmprBalsamiq Mockups Project
bmteBome Midi Translator Pro Encrypted Project
bmtpBome Midi Translator Pro Project
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