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Project File Extensions

fdprjFluidDraw Project
fepMicrosoft WEFT Project
ffdffDiaporama Project
ffprojectFaceFilter Project
fgFaceGen Project
fgpFlash Gallery Builder Project
fgxFormula Graphics Project
fh*Adobe Freehand MX Project
fhprjFlipHTML5 Project
fireCoffeeCup FireStarter Project
flAdobe Flash Project
flipanimFlipAnim Project
flow3dprojFLOW-3D Project
flpAdobe Flash Project File
CorelFlow Flowchart Project
FlipAnim Project
flprjMadCap Flare Project
flwFusion Flow Data
RealFlow Project
flypMapwing Tour Project
fmFieldMOVE Project
fmjFaceMorpher Project
fmpFantaMorph Project
fmpxFlood Modeller Project
fmrBrainVoyager QX Functional Project
fmsFotoMagico Slideshow
fmzForm Z Project
fogFontographer Font Project
fpFastPaste Project
fpdxUtilius Fairplay Project
fpgFPS Creator Game Project
fpjCryENGINE Facial Editor Project
fprAudit Workbench Project
frgSound Forge Pro Project
frjFreeForm-J Project
fspFlash Slideshow Builder Project
fsprFMOD Studio Project
fsprjFlashcard Studio Project
fsproFMOD Studio Project
fsprojCoffeeCup FireStarter Project
Visual F# Project
fspyfSpy Project
fsrString-O-Matic Project
ftdFFTDesigner Project
ftvxFLV Editor Project
funKoolmoves Project
fupFairUse Wizard Project
fvmFast Video Maker Project
fvpFactoryLink Project
fwcSIMATIC WinCC Project
fwsFaro SCENE Laser Scanner Project
fwtFaceware Analyzer Tracking Project
fwzSimfatic Forms Project
fxcopMicrosoft FxCop Project
fxcprojNvidia FX Composer Project
fxpAdobe Flex Project
fzFritzing Sketch File
fzzFritzing Shareable Project
g1wCasio fx-9860G SDK Project
gadgeprjAshampoo Gadge It Project
gameprojGameSalad Windows Project
ganGanttProject Project
garGhidra Project Archive
gbapGLBasic Project
gbpgBurner Project
gbprojGarageBand Project
gbsprojGB Studio Project
gcdpGreeting Card Studio Project
gcfGreeting Card Creator Project
gcplusExtron Global Configurator Plus Project
gcproExtron Global Configurator Pro Project
gcprojGenome Compiler Project
gdfGRAFIK Eye Designer Project
gdfmakerprojectGDF Editor Project
gdgGDevelop Project
gdpGUI Design Studio Project
Scrolling Game Development Kit Project
geanyGeany Project
gemAmulet GEMstudio Project
geoMap Maker Project
geoprojDataGeosis Office Project
gepdNatureMaps Project
gephiGephi Project
ghtNorton Ghost Project
gi2Ghost Installer v3 Project
gidGiD Project Directory
ginspect_prjGOM Inspect Project
gkdShoot Em Up Kit Project
glaSothink SWF Easy Project
gladeGlade Project
gnvGenVision Project
godotGodot Engine Project
gpGofer Project
gpjAutorun-Autoplay Tools Project
gINT Project
Grapher Project
jGRASP Project
gprBabylon Glossary Builder Project
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