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Project File Extensions

vsdpCoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Project
vsmprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Text Macro Project
vspIAR visualSTATE Project
vspCorel VideoStudio Project
vsprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Project
vsqVOCALOID2 Sequence
vsqxVOCALOID3 Sequence
vtnVTWIN Network Project
vtpVisionTools Pro-E Project
vtprVTales Store Visualizer Project
vtsVTWIN Single Project
vtsIntel VTune Project
vueIntergraph Smart Review 3D Model
vupVisual Studio Utility Project
vxzVertex BD Project Archive
vzrVezer Project
w2pWebit v2 Project
waeWeb Alive Editor Compressed Project
wapprojWindows Application Packaging Project
wbdbANSYS Workbench Project Database
wbpjANSYS Workbench Project
wcpWinDVD Creator Project
wcpWebCopier Project
wcplWebCopier Project Settings Data
wdgtprojDashcode Widget Project
wdpWinDev Project
wdprojVisual Studio Web Deployment Project
wds3D Haus Design Studio Project
webappWebsite 2 APK Project
webprojVisual Studio .NET Web Project
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