Filename Extensions
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Project File Extensions

umljStarUML UML Project
umpAltova UModel Project
uprojuVision Project
uprojUnreal Enigine Project
uprojectUnreal Enigine Project
uv2µVision v3 Project
uvguiµVision v4 Project Screen Layout
uvguixµVision v5 Project Screen Layout
uvmpwµVision v4 Multiple Project
uvprojµVision v4 Project
uvprojxµVision v5 Project
vapVisual Studio Analyzer Project
vbaVisual Basic for Applications Project
vbdprojVisual Studio .NET Visual Basic Device Project
vbpVisual Basic Project
vbprojVisual Studio .NET Visual Basic Project
vcpeMbedded Visual C++ Project
vcpfEasy Video Copy & Convert Project
vcprjConvertXtoVideo Project
vcprojVisual Studio .NET Visual C++ Project
vcweMbedded Visual C++ Workspace
vcxprojVisual Studio C++ Project
vd1Advance Design Project
vddprojVisual Studio for Devices Deployment Project
vdkAdvance Design Project Backup
vdpVisual Studio Deployment Project
vdprojVisual Studio Deployment Project
vdzVijeo Designer Project
vegSony Vegas Pro Video Project
vellumVellum E-book Project
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