Filename Extensions
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Project File Extensions

stapApple Soundtrack Pro Audio Project
stmpApple Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Project
stoPRO100 3D Interior Design Project
storymillStoryMill Project
stpAnalysis Studio Project
stprojSamsung Theme Designer Project
strdOctatrack Stored Project
stuPinnacle Studio Project
stvprojWCF Service Trace Viewer Project
suSUwin Project
sublime-projectSublime Text Project
swiSWiSH Max Project
swsScreenWeaver Project
syfSY Configurator Project
synw-projSynWrite Project
t3001TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project
tcaThe Complete Animator Project
tcpTeXnicCenter Project
tdprojTables Direct Project
tepTopiaryExplorer Project
tewzipSolidWorks Electrical Project
texpiTeXMac Project
tgprojTopoGun Project
tkpMicroImages TNT Standalone Application Project
tlcThe Logo Creator Project
tmprojTextMate Project
tmprojectTextMate Project
tmtTimeCult Workspace
tnzOpenToonz Project
topcTopicCrunch Project
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