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Project File Extensions

androidprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Android Project
animeprojAnime Studio Project
anjutaAnjuta DevStudio Project
ap12Siemens TIA v12 Project
ap13TIA Portal v13 Project
ap14TIA Portal v14 Project
ap15SIMATIC WinCC v15 Project
ap16TIA Portal v16 Project
ap17TIA Portal v17 Project
ap3Asprova Project
apjAngel Debug Monitor Project
Archibus Project Preferences Data
ARM Project Manager Project
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture Project
apkActive Tutor Project
appCA Visual Objects Project
approjActivePresenter Project
aprApadana Project
Vector NTI Alignment Project
aprjApacheConf Project
aprojLeapfrog Geo Project
aprxVector NTI Alignment Project
aptappTranslator Project
AutoPlay Media Studio Template
apzAutoplay Media Studio Exported Project
architectSQL Power Architect Project
arcprojARRIRAW Converter Project
argoArgoUML Project
arhArheoStratigraf Project
Siemens ProTool Compressed Project
arpArlequin Project
arprojSpark AR Studio Project
art42Bernina Explorations v1.x Project
art50Bernina Embroidery Software v5.0 Design
art60Bernina Embroidery Software v6.0 Design
artprojArtifacts for Visual Studio Project
artxArtisteer Project
as2projFlashDevelop Project
as3projFlashDevelop Project
asdvdcrtprojAimersoft DVD Creator Project
ashprjAshampoo Burning Studio Project
asmprojAtmel Studio Assembler Project
asprjAltova XMLSpy Scripting Project
asprojVisual Studio Analysis Services Project
assemblyDNASTAR SeqMan NGen Assembly Project
astaAstah Project
astahAstah Project
aswACDSee Slideshow Wizard Project
ataAntenna Web Design Studio Project
atgcprojGenetyx ATGC Project
atlcbATLAS.ti 7 Copy Bundle
atlpacATLAS.ti 1 Transfer Bundle
atlprojATLAS.ti 8 Project Bundle
atoATO Modeler Project
atpAutomise Project
Visual Studio ACT Project
atpzAutomise Compressed Project
atsuoAtmel Studio Project
atx5Automise 5 XML Project
atz3Automise 3 Project
atz4Automise 4 Project
audAudacity Project
Audacity v3 Project
aupAudacity Project
aup3Audacity v3 Project
aurxAutoREALM Project
autoplayAutoPlay Media Studio Project
avenirprojStoryMill Project
avpAvid Media Composer Project
avrasmprojAtmel Studio Legacy Assembler Project
awxArcIMS XML Project
axpAppGini v3 Project
b4fBurn4Free Project
bampEasy Button and Menu Maker Project
bandGarageBand Project
baseprojDNA Baser Sequence Alignment Project
baserprojDNA Baser Sequence Alignment Project
bbmodelBlockbench Project
bbprojectBBEdit Project
bbprojectdBBEdit Project Package
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