Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

cng3C-NaviGator Software Update
cn_Compressed Windows Help Content
conOASIS Montaj Control File
contourContour Screenplay
convStylus Studio Data User-defined Converter
cos2Pinnacle Studio Cache
cp3Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape
cpqCompaq OEM Disc Configuration
crashedAbiWord Crash-Saved Document
crcCRC Checksum
crdMicrosoft Windows Cardfile
crdownloadChrome Partially Downloaded File
crpLG 2-3G Tool Firmware
crp1LG 2-3G Tool Firmware
crtCertificate File
cryptedWinOptimizer Encrypted
csrCertificate Signing Request
csuCrestron Software Update
cujPersonal Backup Saved Task
cursemodCurse Client Mod
cvrMicrosoft Crash Report
cvtACDSee Canvas External Tool
cxnConexant Modem Driver
cyaCYANA Macro File
d2aAviSynth MPASource Plug-in
dbaseAston-Tate dBASE Database
dbfAston-Tate dBASE Database
dcoverDisc Cover
dctmpDC++ Partially Downloaded
decryptDecrypted Microsoft ESD
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