Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

bfeBcrypt Encrypted Data
bfuBrute Force Uninstaller Script
bi2WD TV Live Firmware
binPCSX BIOS Image
binTenCORE Plug-in
bin2Huawei HG556a Software Update
bioGeneral BIOS File
bjSound Forge Batch Job
bkBackup Copy File
bkzBaKoMa TeX Installation Module
bl7Ruckus ZoneFlex Firmware Update
blgWindows Binary Performance Log
bljSagem Fast 3202 Firmware
blrSagem Fast 3202 Firmware
bmsBinary MultiEx Script
bncBojanov Encryptor File
bndDB2 CLI Bind File
bpkeyBlender Publisher License Key
bpzEasy Blue Print Symbol Library
briBryce Plug-in
brmBryce Plug-in
broBryce Plug-in
bsufSolarEdge Inverter Firmware
bszBSPlayer Skin File
bs_Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu Shell Extension
bt!BitSpirit Incomplete Download
btkeyuTorrent License Key
btwsendtoWindows Bluetooth Transfer Options Data
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