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Other File Extensions

ex3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Device Driver
exnBosch VisualMotion Program
eyamlHiera-Eyaml Encrypted Data
ezsEZ-R Stats Process Script
f2gGigabyte BIOS Update
f3gGigabyte BIOS Update
f4Gigabyte BIOS Update
f4gGigabyte BIOS Update
f5Gigabyte BIOS Update
f5gGigabyte BIOS Update
f8bGigabyte BIOS Update
farrunFAR HTML Batch Script
fcQLogic FibreChannel Firmware Code
fcmacroFreeCAD Macro
fcodeQLogic FibreChannel Firmware Code
ffwFesto Device Firmware
fgsfFiles by Google Safe Folder Encrypted File
fgwFORUM8 GIS Workspace Data
fi2CHDK Binary Firmware Update Data
fileGeneral File
finCorel WordPerfect Saved Find/Search
fipvNinjaCopier Application
firCanon EOS Camera Firmware
firmBoot9Strap 3DS Firmware Data
fl1Lenovo Bios Update
fl2Lenovo Bios Update
flkwFolder Lock Encrypted Data
fltAdobe Audition Filter
Adobe PageMaker Import Filter
General Filter Data
flxFlexTk Plugin
fm8MFC5150 Software Update
fmatFMAT Runfile
fmpluginFileMaker Pro Plug-in
fmxFileMaker Pro Extension
fmxtFileMaker Pro for Mac Extension
fndWindows XP Saved Search
fnlfScarlett Plug-in Suite License File
fotaFirmware Over-the-Air
fpencFileProtect Encrypted Data
fpfvFile Protected From Virus
fpiFoxit Reader Plugin
fpsxNokia Firmware Format File
frFinalburn Alpha Movie Capture
frelfAbbyy FineReader Engine License
frkMacintosh Resource or Data Fork
fsMac OS X Filesystem Plugin
ft30Adobe PageMaker for Mac Filter
ftfFlashTool Firmware Data
ftile-Hastakshar Encrypted Contract Note
fwGeneral Firmware File
fwrPhase One Firmware Update
fwuXilinx iMPACT Firmware Upgrade
fxzMotorola Droid Bionic Firmware
fzipFoxit Reader Add-on
fzsFilZip Backup Script
gczCompressed GameCube ROM
gdvSmartWare Graphics Screen Driver
geoVRML Geography File
getGetright Unfinished Download
getrightGetright Unfinished Download
gfnGretl Function Package
gfsGroove File Sharing File
ggmGapGun Pro Software Update Script
gguGapGun Pro Software Update Data
ghlGitHub Enterprise License File
gjpkgGNUC II Software Upgrade Package
glinkGoogle Drive External Shortcut
glkMicrosoft Office 2007 Groove Synchronization Shortcut
gmmpWCS Gamut Map Model Profile
gmpGUEmap Document
gplGPL License File
gptlGPTEngine Plugin
grblGRBL Firmware
growlviewGrowl Display Plugin
grpWindows 3.x Program Manager Group File
gscriptLink to Google Apps Script
gwiNovell GroupWise Shortcut
gxkGalaxkey Secured File
gyrFutaba GY701 Software Update
gzquarBitdefender Antivirus Quarantined Data
hangMac OS X Hang Log
hayHaydee Web Server Module
hbxStarmoney Macro File
hbzStarmoney Macro
hcuHarmony Controller Update Data
hdiAutodesk AutoCAD Heidi Device Interface
hdvSmartWare Hardware Driver
hfwHarmony Controller Firmware Update
hfzPinnacle Hollywood FX Compressed Archive
hglOracle AutoVue Graphic Plugin
hhpackHTC Home Extension
hioHOOPS HIO Conponent
hivWindows Registry Hive
hlhAshampoo Photo Optimizer Data
hmsHostMonitor Script
hmyHemingway Content Management System Plugin
hpiJenkins Maven Plugin
hplJenkins HPL Plugin
hplgiTunes Device Plugin
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