Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

bt!BitSpirit Incomplete Download
btkeyuTorrent License Key
btoaBinary-to-ASCII Encoded File
btwsendtoWindows Bluetooth Transfer Options Data
bujPersonal Backup Saved Task
bupDVD Information Backup
bvdBitdefender Vault File
bziDBAN Kernel Image
bzplugCorel AfterShot Pro Plugin Bundle
c2uTexas Instruments CBL 2 OS File
c32Syslinux COM32 Module
cacheGeneral Cache File
calbCoolect Album
catMicrosoft Windows Security Catalog
cbMicrosoft Windows 95 Clean Boot File
cbdsComic Book DS
cbsComodo Backup Job Script
cefCenturionMail Encrypted Email
cgzLinux Drivers Archive
chmlChameleon Encrypted Database
chunk001File Splitter Split Archive Part 1
cksWindows CE ROM Image Checksum
clCursor Library
clbCOM+ Catalog
clkwClicker Word Bank
clpWindows Clipboard File
cn_Compressed Windows Help Content
conOASIS Montaj Control File
contourContour Screenplay
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