Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

vpc6Microsoft Virtual PC 6 VM Data
vpc7Microsoft Virtual PC 7 VM Data
vpgVAKCER Project Tracker DLL Plug-in
vpoVAST Programmer Data
vprogAkai VIP Program
vsfVoltage SecureFile Encrypted File
vskVicon Nexus Skeleton Data
vsmacroMicrosoft Visual Studio Macro
vst2Ableton Live VST2 Plugin
vst3Cubase VST Plugin
vstiEveryone Piano VST Plugin
vstoMicrosoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Add-in
vtscrVT Trader Screen Data
vwpVoxWare MetaVoice Plug-in
vxdWindows Virtual Device Driver
vxeAgilent VEE Runtime Program
vxfLine 6 Variax Firmware File
vxxMicrosoft Windows IOsubsys Driver
w31Windows 3.1 Startup File
w40Windows 95 System File Copy
w5sWinAMP 5 System Plugin
w95Windows 95 Startup File
w98Windows 98 Startup File
wacWinAMP Component Plugin
wbmWebmin Module
wbsWinbot Script
wcxTotal Commander Packer Plugin
wdgtDashboard Widget
wdicMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac Plug-in
wdrPsion Series 3 Printer Driver
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