Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

slifeSlife Database
slupkg-msXrML Digital License Package
smrdAdobe InDesign Import Filter
smwtAdobe InDesign Export Filter
sntWindows Sticky Notes
sr0SecuROM Analysis Data
ss4SigScribe4 Design Document
sskSmartSoftKey AMPLock Encrypted File
st5shntool MD5 Checksum
steDreamweaver Site Definition
sublime-workspaceSublime Text Workspace
suppiOS Application SC Info SUPP File
svpSonique Visualization Plugin
sw2Softwrap License
switchSwitch Package
sxsSAS Stat Studio Module
sycSYSTAT Command
sysSystem File
sysMS-DOS System File
t2lTrue2Life Scene
t3xTYPO3 Extension File
tbpAston Toolbar Plug-in
tbsTuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
tdThunder Incomplete Download
td5Panasonic KTS Application
tdzDrobo Firmware File
tebTEAC Firmware Update Data
tempGeneral Temporary File
tfilBlizzard Software Update
tfuTorpedo Live Firmware Update
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