Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

sycSYSTAT Command
sysSystem File
sysMS-DOS System File
t2lTrue2Life Scene
t3xTYPO3 Extension File
tbpAston Toolbar Plug-in
tbsTuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
tdThunder Incomplete Download
td5Panasonic KTS Application
tdzDrobo Firmware File
tebTEAC Firmware Update Data
tempGeneral Temporary File
tfilBlizzard Software Update
tfuTorpedo Live Firmware Update
tgkTerragen License Key
tgpTerragen Plugin
thaWindows Thai Noise-Words List
thnAMC Graphic Workshop Thumbnail
tiappTiTanium App
tipTuneUp Utilities Icon Package
tisAcronis True Image Script
tkoAMX Software Module
tlsTuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
tmbTimbuktu Pro Connection Data
tmpGeneral Temporary File
tmsTelemate Script
tncTI-Nspire CAS OS Image
tnoTI-Nspire OS Image
tnrGPS Pathfinder Pro XR Firmware
torBitTorrent Meta File
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