Filename Extensions
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Other File Extensions

!btBitTorrent Incomplete Download File
!qbqBittorrent Partial Download
!utuTorrent File
$$$General Temporary File
0Linux Shared Library Link File
2fsPuppy Linux Save State File
2grWindows VGA Graphics Driver
3acASTree Compiled Program
3fsPuppy Linux Save State File
3grWindows VGA Graphics Driver
3gxLuma3DS 3GX Plug-in
3tpTriple-T Plugin
4cx4D Database Carbonized Plug-in
4dpx4D Database Mac OS X Plugin
4fsPuppy Linux Save State File
73uTI-73 Explorer OS Upgrade File
86pTI-86 Calculator Program
89kTI-89 Application
8baAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bamAdobe Photoshop for Mac Plugin
8bcAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Plugin
8beAdobe PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
8bemAdobe Photoshop for Mac Export Module
8bfAdobe Photoshop Filter Plugin
8bfmAdobe Photoshop for Mac Filter
8biAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bifAdobe Photoshop for Mac Format Plug-in
8bimAdobe Photoshop for Mac Plugin
8bpAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bsAdobe Photoshop Selection Plug-in
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