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Other File Extensions

!btBitTorrent Incomplete Download File
!qbqBittorrent Partial Download
!utuTorrent File
$$$General Temporary File
0Linux Shared Library Link File
2fsPuppy Linux Save State File
2grWindows VGA Graphics Driver
3acASTree Compiled Program
3fsPuppy Linux Save State File
3grWindows VGA Graphics Driver
3gxLuma3DS 3GX Plug-in
3tpTriple-T Plugin
4cx4D Database Carbonized Plug-in
4dpx4D Database Mac OS X Plugin
4fsPuppy Linux Save State File
73uTI-73 Explorer OS Upgrade File
86pTI-86 Calculator Program
89kTI-89 Application
8baAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bamAdobe Photoshop for Mac Plugin
8bcAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Plugin
8beAdobe PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
8bemAdobe Photoshop for Mac Export Module
8bfAdobe Photoshop Filter Plugin
8bfmAdobe Photoshop for Mac Filter
8biAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bifAdobe Photoshop for Mac Format Plug-in
8bimAdobe Photoshop for Mac Plugin
8bpAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8bsAdobe Photoshop Selection Plug-in
8bsmAdobe Photoshop for Mac Selection Plug-in
8bxAdobe Photoshop Extension Plugin
8bxmAdobe Photoshop for Mac Accelerator Plug-in
8byAdobe PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
8bymAdobe Photoshop for Mac Parser Module
8liAdobe Photoshop Scripting Plugin
8lyAdobe Photoshop Plugin
8xuTI-83/84 Plus OS Upgrade
a21Soundweb Firmware Update
a2xDragonDictate a2x Data
a8sAnim8or Script
aadAudible Download Plugin
aaxpluginAvid Pro Tools Audio eXtension Plugin
abiAbiWord Plug-in File
accdaMicrosoft Access Add-in
acoAdobe Photoshop Custom Swatch
acpMicrosoft Office Assistant Preview
acropluginAdobe Acrobat Plugin
acsautoAvaya CMS Script
acsrfAdobe Audition Control Surface Plugin
actMicrosoft Office Assistant Actor
acvOS/2 Warp Audio Driver
adadownloadAdobe Download Assistant Partial Download
addAdobe PageMaker Plugin
Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Developer Documentation Data
addonZaplots CFS Console Add-on
adevAppleTalk Data Connection File
adiumpluginAdium Plugin
adiumscriptsAdium Script
adoAdobe Photoshop Duotone Settings
advAudio Driver
Gravis UltraSound Virtual Device Driver
aeeASUS Data Security Manager Encrypted File
aefCisco Unity Express Script
aexAdobe After Effects Plug-in
agmoduleAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Module
agx1Adobe FreeHand for Mac Plug-in
ahdMicrosoft Dynamics AX Online Help Data
ahiMicrosoft Dynamics AX Online Help Index
ahqCreative Audio HQ Plug-in
ai65Adobe PageMaker 6.5 for Mac Plugin
aifBeatnik Player Plug-in Data
aipAdobe Illustrator Plugin
aixIBM AIX System File
aizAero AIO Plug-in
ajzArchos Jukebox Recorder Firmware
akwfOracle ZFS Storage Appliance Workflow
alh5Adobe PageMaker 5 for Mac Add-in
aliAlice Plugin
almnMac OS X Location Manager Module
altMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Label Temporary File
amioAdobe Audition AMIO Plugin
amxxAMX Mod X Plugin
aoiMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Object Index
aolAmerica Online
apdLotus 1-2-3 Printer Driver
apiLotus 1-2-3 Printer Driver
aplACDSee Plugin
aplgAudials One Plug-in
aplnAdobe InDesign Plug-in
aplpAudials One Plug-in Package
appdownloadAppStore Partially Downloaded App
appexMac OS X Application Extension
appimageAppImage Image
aqqAQQ Plug-in
aria2aria2 Control Data
artaskBMC Remedy User Tool Shortcut
asdLotus 1-2-3 Screen Driver
aslAdobe Photoshop Layer Style
assistantHP Printer Utility for Mac Assistant Plugin
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