Filename Extensions
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Multimedia File Extensions

rxsRoxio AudioCentral Markup Sound Data
s2kSasami2k Script
s2sSRT2SUP Native Subtitle Data
samiSAMI Captioning File
sdpSession Description Protocol File
sgpMP3 Audio Mixer Saved Mix
slsSlide Show Studio Script
smiSAMI Captioning File
smiSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language Data
smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language Data
smlSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language Data
smpSprintbit Playlist Manager Playlist
ssifBlu-Ray Disc StereoScopic Information File
ssmStreaming Media Metafile
ssmilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language Data
st3Star 3 MIDI Karaoke File
tngzTNG 3D Scene
trxVisiTrax Music Database
ttblTTPLayer Playlist Data
ttplTTPLayer Playlist Data
ttsTelerik Trainer Session
txkKaraDOS Karaoke Song Lyrics Data
ucfUniversal Communications Format File
vaiPhotoDub Document
vcltVCLT Playlist
vfzCreative Webcam Video Effects
vfz3Creative Webcam Video Effects
vktVideo Karaoke Text
vmm3D Movie Maker Video
vplKaraoke Player Playlist
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