Filename Extensions
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Multimedia File Extensions

nplTCMP Playlist
nscWindows Media Station File
nv3dvpplNVIDIA 3D Vision Player Playlist
p4sSubEdit Player Playlist
panoQuickTime Panorama Track
pbwPhotobucket Slideshow
pgmxPegasys Multimedia Box
plaiRiver iQuickList Playlist
plaSansa Playlist File
playlistCyberLink PowerDVD Playlist
plfBlazeDVD Playlist File
plfWinDVD Playlist
plpSandisk Sansa Playlist
plsxXtreamer DVD Radio Playlist
pmplPSBMusic Playlist File
pnrmRealPlayer for Mac Media Data
pshPhotodex Slide Show
qrcQQMusic Lyrics Data
qtffQuickTime File Format Data
qtvQuickTime Virtual Reality File
qtvrQuickTime Virtual Reality File
ramRAM Metafile
rlvTacx Fortius Real Life Video File
rlvnlTacx Fortius Real Life Video File
rmmRAM Metafile
rmpReal Metadata Package
rplsBlu-Ray Disc Real Playlist File
rsmlRealSystem ML File
rtRealText Streaming Text File
rxpRoxio AudioCentral Playlist
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