Filename Extensions
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Multimedia File Extensions

electaeLecta Live Recording
empeMusic Playlist
emxeMusic Download File
encEncore Notation Data
f4mFlash Media Manifest File
f4xFlash MP4 Video Index
glGraphical System for Presentation File
glrGallery for Lightroom Gallery
graspGraphical System for Presentation File
iffEA Interchange File Format
ilmOpus Creator Multimedia File
ismIIS Smooth Streaming Server Manifest Data
ismcIIS Smooth Streaming Client Manifest Data
ismxMicrosoft Expression Encoder Index
kplKazaa Playlist
krcKuGou Music Lyrics
lidKodak EasyShare Album Information
m13Microsoft Windows Media Viewer Data
m14Microsoft Windows Media Viewer Data
m3vDJ Mix Pro Playlist
makiWinAMP Compiled Maki Script
mbtEverio MediaBrowser 3D Edit Data
mfdMusic Finder Database
mmmMacromind Multimedia Movie
mmsMMS Message Data
mnvPlayStation Store Paid Content
mrlMultimedia Retrieval Markup Language File
mrmlMultimedia Retrieval Markup Language File
mvbMultimedia Viewer Book
nifNotation Interchange File Format
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