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Graphic File Extensions

hdrHDRi Image
Photomatix HDR Image
hdriHDRi Image
hdruApollo HDRU Image
hedHi-Eddi Image
heicHEIF Image
heifHEIF Image
hfcCommodore 64 Hires FLI Image
hg1HP Graphic Language Document
hg2HP Graphic Language Document
hg3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Graphic
hgbAmstrad CPC HinterGrundBild Bitmap
hglHP Graphic Language Document
hgrApple II HGR Image
hgsHarvard Graphics Graphic
hilC64 Hires-Lace Image
himHires Manager Bitmap Image
hipAtari 8-bit Hard Interlace Picture
hirAtari Falcon Print-Technik Image
C64 Hires Bitmap Image
Oric Hires Bitmap Image
hlfC64 Hires-Interlace Image
hlrZX Spectrum Attributes Gigascreen Image
hmrBentley Microstation Raster Image
GeoTIFF Bitmap Image
hpHP Graphic Language Document
hp1HP Graphic Language Document
hp2HP Graphic Language Document
hpcCommodore 64 Hi-Pic Creator Image
hpeCorrupted JPEG Image
hpgHP Graphic Language Document
hpglHP Graphic Language Document
hpgl2HP Graphic Language Document
hpiC64 Art Studio Image
Hemera Photo Objects Image
hpkAtari ST Compressed Dali Image
hpljHP LaserJet Vector Image
hpmAtari 8-bit Grass Slideshow Image
hprtlHP Raster Transfer Language
hpsAtari 8-bit SFDN Compressed HIP Image
hrAtari 8-bit HighRes Image
TRS 80 Image
hrfHitachi Raster Format Image
hrgTimex 2048 Hi-res Gigascreen Image
hrmAtari ST HighresMedium Image
hrsOric Hires Bitmap Image
hrzSlow Scan Television
htaHemera Thumbnail Archive
htdApplied Precision CellWorX HT Image
iDIPIX Aries Image
i17Pixel Power Collage
i18Pixel Power Collage
i3dHoudini 3D Texture
i3fI3 Fax Document
iaRollei RAW Image
ib3Atari Falcon ICDRAW Icon
ib7Pixel Power Collage
ibgBerts Coloring Image
ibiAtari Falcon ICDRAW Icon
ibkNational Estimator Image
ibmDeluxe Paint Bitmap
ic1Atari ST Imagic Image
ic2Atari ST Imagic Image
ic3Atari ST Imagic Image
icaImage Object Content Architecture Format
icbImage Capture Board Raster Image
iclIcon Library
icnAtari 8-bit ICE CIN Image
Atari ST DEGAS Elite Icon Image
Psion Series 3 Bitmap Icon
RIPTerm Image
icoWindows Icon
iconWindows Icon
iconpackageIconPackager Theme Data
icsSwiftview Imaging Command Set
idcCore IDC Image
iefImage Exchange Format Bitmap File
iefsImage Exchange Format Bitmap File
if9Pixel Power Collage
iffAutodesk Maya Image File
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