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Graphic File Extensions

ge7MSX2 Screen 7 Bitmap
gedAtari 8-bit GED Image
Graphic Environment Document
gelMolecular Dynamics Image
gemGEM Metafile
geoGeoPaint Image
geotiffGeoTIFF Raster Image
gfbAtari ST DeskPic Image
GIFBlast Compressed Image
gfgGPU Friendly Graphics Data
gfieGreenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic
gfmAshton-Tate Applause CGM Picture
gfxAmstrad CPC Mode 5 Image
ggKoala Paint Compressed Bitmap
ggrGimp Gradient File
ghgGephard Hires Graphics Bitmap Image
gifCompuServe Bitmap Image
giffCompuServe Bitmap Image
gigC64 GigaPaint Image
Koala Paint GIG Bitmap
gihGimp Animated Brush
gimPlayStation Portable Image File
gksGraphics Kernel System Data
gl2HP Graphic Language Document
gl5MSX2 GL5 Bitmap
gl6MSX2 GL6 Bitmap
gl7MSX2 GL7 Bitmap
gl8MSX2 GL8 Bitmap
glaMSX2+ GLA Image
glcMSX2+ GLC Image
gloxMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout
glsMSX2+ GLC Image
gmAutologic Bitmap Image
gm2Autologic Bitmap Image
gm4Autologic Bitmap Image
gmfGamma Fax Image
gnApollo HDRU Image
godAtari Falcon GodPaint Image
goeGOES Satellite Bitmap Image
McIDAS Satellite Image Data
goesMcIDAS Satellite Image Data
gooKPT Goo Picture
gp4CALS Compressed Bitmap
GTXRaster CAD Group IV CALS Picture
gpdGraphic PhotoDefiner Image
gr1Atari 8-bit Mad Studio Image
gr2Atari 8-bit Mad Studio Image
gr3Atari 8-bit Mad Studio Image
gr7Atari 8-bit Graphics 7 Image
gr8Atari 8-bit Graphics 8 Image
gr9Atari 8-bit Graphics 9 Image
gr9pAtari 8-bit Graphics 9+ Image
grayImageMagick RAW Gray Samples Image
grayaImageMagick RAW Gray and Alpha Image
grbHP-48 Graphic Object
grdAdobe Photoshop Gradient File
Artweaver Gradient Data
grfTRS-80 GRF Image
grlMATLAB Image
groHP-48 Graphic Object
gro2HP-49 Graphic Object
gro4HP-49 Graphic Object
grobHP-48 Graphic Object
grpMSX Screen 2 Image
gryGrayscale Image
gtxGenetica Texture
gunC64 GunPaint Image
gvrsGridfour Virtual Raster Store Image
gx1Show Partner Graphics Data
gx2Show Partner Graphics Data
haldHald CLUT Image
hamAmiga Hold and Modify Image
ham6Commodore Amiga Hold-And-Modify 6 Bitmap
ham8Commodore Amiga Hold-And-Modify 8 Bitmap
hbmC64 Hires Bitmap Image
hcHigh Resolution Continuous-tone TIFF Image
hcgCatia Highly Compressed Graphics
hcmAtari 8-bit Hard Color Map Image
hdpMicrosoft HD Photo
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