Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

bipArcInfo Band Interleaved by Line Image
bitmapX Bitmap Image
bkdBlackInk Drawing
bkgAtari 8-bit Movie Maker Background Image
bkwFontEdit FontSet Image
blBinary Linework TIFF Image
bl1Atari ST DEGAS Elite Block
bl2Atari ST DEGAS Elite Block
bl3Atari ST DEGAS Elite Block
bldMegaPaint Image
blendBlender Data
blkrtBlock Artist Image
blpBlazing Paddles Bitmap
blpBlizzard Texture Data
bmCommodore 128 VDC BitMap Image
bmX Bitmap Image
bmcEmbroidery Image
bmcRemote Desktop Connection Bitmap Cache
bmc4ZX Spectrum Border Screen Multicolor 8x4 Image
bmfBMF Bitmap
bmgBerts Coloring Image
bmpWindows Bitmap Image
bmpfWindows Bitmap Image
bmsPlayback Bitmap Sequence
bmxSiemens Mobile Animation
bo1Magnavox Odyssey 1 Emulator Overlay Image
bobBob Raytracer Image
bpBinary Picture TIFF Image
bpgBetter Portable Graphics Image
bprAAA Logo Image
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