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Graphic File Extensions

fposPhoto Pos Pro Image
fppxMicrosoft Fresh Paint Painting
fprCommodore 64 FLI Profi Image
Fun Photor Template
fptCommodore 64 Face Painter Graphic
fpxFlashPix Image
freMale Normal CT Image
frmMegalux Frame
PhotoFrame Frame
fshEA Sports Game Graphic
fspsMacPaint FSPS Data
fsyPhotoFantasy Image
ft1Macromedia Freehand Template
ft10Macromedia Freehand Template
ft11Macromedia Freehand Template
ft12Macromedia Freehand Template
ft2Macromedia Freehand Template
ft3Macromedia Freehand Template
ft4Macromedia Freehand Template
ft5Macromedia Freehand Template
ft6Macromedia Freehand Template
ft7Macromedia Freehand Template
ft8Macromedia Freehand Template
ft9Macromedia Freehand Template
ftcAtari Falcon True Color Image
ftfFaxable TIFF Image
ftifPhotron FASTCAM TIFF Image
ftsFlexible Image Transport System Image
fulAtari ST Canvas Raster Image
funAtari Falcon Funny Paint Bitmap Image
C64 Fun Painter 2 Image
fwaAtari 8-bit Fun with Art Image
fxgFlash XML Graphics
g00Clannad G00 Picture
g09Atari 8-bit BG9 Image
g10Atari 8-bit Graphics 10 Image
g11Atari 8-bit Graphics 11 Image
g16Grayscale 16 Image
g2fAtari 8-bit Graph2Font Image
g3G3 FAX Image
g3bCasio Prizm Flipbook File
g3fZetafax Fine Resolution Fax
g3nZetafax Normal Resolution Fax
g3pCasio Prizm Still Image
g4Tag Image File Format
g9bMSX2+ GFX9k Bitmap
g9sAtari 8-bit SFDN Compressed Graphics 9 Image
gbC64 Printfox/Pagefox Bitmap Image
gbrGimp Brush Image
gcdCommodore 64 GCD Image
gdGD Library 2 Image
gd2GD Library 2 Image
ge5MSX2 Screen 5 Bitmap
ge7MSX2 Screen 7 Bitmap
gedAtari 8-bit GED Image
Graphic Environment Document
gelMolecular Dynamics Image
gemGEM Metafile
geoGeoPaint Image
geotiffGeoTIFF Raster Image
gfbAtari ST DeskPic Image
GIFBlast Compressed Image
gfgGPU Friendly Graphics Data
gfieGreenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic
gfmAshton-Tate Applause CGM Picture
gfxAmstrad CPC Mode 5 Image
ggKoala Paint Compressed Bitmap
ggrGimp Gradient File
ghgGephard Hires Graphics Bitmap Image
gifCompuServe Bitmap Image
giffCompuServe Bitmap Image
gigC64 GigaPaint Image
Koala Paint GIG Bitmap
gihGimp Animated Brush
gimPlayStation Portable Image File
gksGraphics Kernel System Data
gl2HP Graphic Language Document
gl5MSX2 GL5 Bitmap
gl6MSX2 GL6 Bitmap
gl7MSX2 GL7 Bitmap
gl8MSX2 GL8 Bitmap
glaMSX2+ GLA Image
glcMSX2+ GLC Image
gloxMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout
glsMSX2+ GLC Image
gmAutologic Bitmap Image
gm2Autologic Bitmap Image
gm4Autologic Bitmap Image
gmfGamma Fax Image
gnApollo HDRU Image
godAtari Falcon GodPaint Image
goeGOES Satellite Bitmap Image
McIDAS Satellite Image Data
goesMcIDAS Satellite Image Data
gooKPT Goo Picture
gp4CALS Compressed Bitmap
GTXRaster CAD Group IV CALS Picture
gpdGraphic PhotoDefiner Image
gr1Atari 8-bit Mad Studio Image
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