Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

vigVisionary Image Group Data
vipsLibvips VIPS Image
vitVITec Image
vortVery Ordinary Raster Bitmap
vpbQuantel VPB Image
vplVplot Source Code
vrimgV-Ray Image File
vrphotoVR Photo Image
vtgHoudini 3D Vertigo File
vtiParaView VTK XML Image Data
vziVertiZontal Interlacing Image
vznWinVZN Image
w2dAutodesk 2D XML Vector Data
wahWAH-Encoded Bitmap
wapWireless Bitmap Image
wb0Webshots Image
wbmWireless Bitmap Image
wbmpWireless Bitmap Image
wbpWebshots Photo Pack
wbzWebshots Image
wciWavelet Bitmap Image
wdpJPEG XR Image
webpWebP Image
wgiWildGame Innovations Digital Camera Photo
wiJ Wavelet Image Codec Bitmap
wicJ Wavelet Image Codec Bitmap
wifCoffeCup Web Image Studio Document
wigCommodore 64 Wigmore Artist 64 Image
wkiLexmark Photo Center Document
wlmCompW Bitmap
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