Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

xifPagis Pro Scanned Image
xifsPixInsight XIFS Data
ximXImage Bitmap
ximgIDV Image XML
ximgAtari ST Extended GEM Bit Image
xjtGimp Jpeg-Tar File
xlpAtari 8-bit XL-Paint Image
xmpAdobe XMP Metadata
xosXaos Tools Bitmap Image
xpifExtended Processed Image File
xpmX Pixmap
xqdSeiko Microscope Image
xqfSeiko Microscope Image
xspXBMC Smart Playlist
xtfeXtended Triton Format File
xtxXbox 360 XTX Texture Data
xvKhoros Visualization Image
xvcMuPAD Uncompressed VCam Graphic
xvzMuPAD Compressed VCam Graphic
xwdX Window Dump
xwsXara Web Designer Graphic
xyzeRadiance Map Data
y8RAW Y8 Image
yalArts and Letters Clipart Library
ybmBennet Yee Face Bitmap
yjkMSX2+ Screen 12 Bitmap Image
ypcWhypic Image
yuvAbekas YUV Image
zanBlueEyes Animation
zbmZlib Compressed Bitmap
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