Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

bmgBerts Coloring Image
bmpWindows Bitmap Image
bmpfWindows Bitmap Image
bmsPlayback Bitmap Sequence
bmxSiemens Mobile Animation
bo1Magnavox Odyssey 1 Emulator Overlay Image
bobBob Raytracer Image
bpBinary Picture TIFF Image
bpgBetter Portable Graphics Image
bprAAA Logo Image
brkBrooktrout 301 Fax Image
brtBrooktrout 301 Fax Image
brushXerox Doodle Brush Bitmap
bsC64 Printfox/Pagefox Bitmap Image
bsqArcInfo Band Sequential Image
bsvBSAVE Image
btiNintendo GameCube Game Texture
btnJustButtons Button Image
btpcBTPC Encoded Bitmap
bumPoser Bump Maps Data
bwSGI Black and White Image
b_wImageLab Image
c1pCapture One Preview Data
c2bCasio ClassPad II Animation
c2pCasio ClassPad II Picture
c3zOpenQwaq 3D Model
c4Edmics Image
calCALS Compressed Bitmap
calsCALS Compressed Bitmap
camCasio QV-10 Digital Camera Image
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