Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

awdArtweaver Document
axiAxon IW Image
azvAirZip Compressed Image
b&wImageLab Image
b16PCO Camera Image
b60RISC OS PNG Image
bayCasio RAW Image
bb0BBC Micro Mode 0 Bitmap
bb1BBC Micro Mode 1 Bitmap
bb2BBC Micro Mode 2 Bitmap
bb4BBC Micro Mode 4 Bitmap
bb5BBC Micro Mode 5 Bitmap
bbgBBC Micro LdPic Bitmap
bbnbgBBN BitGraph Display Pixel Data
bbnngBBN BitGraph Display Pixel Data Sequence
bcresNintendo 3DS Animation Data
beamCommodore Amiga Multi-palette Image
befUnified Color HDR Image
bflBFLI Image
bfliBFLI Image
bfxBitware Fax Image
bg9Atari 8-bit BG9 Image
bgaOS/2 Bitmap Graphic Array
bgbBeck Graphics Bitmap
bgpBugbiter APAC239i Bitmap Image
bgraNordlicht BGRA Output
bieJBIG Bitmap Image
bigCartes Michelin Image
bilArcInfo Band Interleaved by Line Image
binC64 Printfox/Pagefox Bitmap Image
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