Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

rppmPortable Pixmap Image
rriRealWorld Raster Image
rsSun Raster Image
rsbRed Storm Bitmap Image
rstAtari ST NEOchrome Master Image
rtexRhino 3D Texture Data
rtlHP Raster Transfer Language
rvgDigital Radiography System Image
rw2Panasonic LX3 RAW Image
rwlLeica RAW Image
rwzRawzor Compressed Image
rysMamut Bitmap Image
s1cMSX2+ Screen 12 Bitmap Image
s3tcS3TC Compressed Texture Data
sai2PaintTool SAI v2 Drawing
sarC64 Saracen Paint Image
sbigSBIG Astronomical Image
scScitex Continuous Tone
sc0Atari ST Paintworks Image
sc1Atari ST Paintworks Image
sc2Atari ST Paintworks Image
sc2MSX 2 Screen Bitmap
sc4MSX2 Screen 4 Bitmap Image
sc5MSX2 Screen 5 Bitmap
sc7MSX2 Screen 7 Bitmap
sc8MSX2 Screen 8 Bitmap
scaMSX2+ Screen 10 Bitmap
scanThunderScan Image
sccMSX2+ Screen 12 Bitmap Image
scdSCODL Slide Image
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