Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

ssiSriSun Image
sskFutureWave SmartSketch Drawing
sstAVHRR Image
stNeopaint Stamp
st4SBIG CCD Camera Image
st5SBIG CCD Camera Image
st6SBIG CCD Camera Image
st7SBIG CCD Camera Image
st8SBIG CCD Camera Image
st9SBIG CCD Camera Image
stiSinar CaptureShop 5.x Image
stitchPhotoVista Panorama Graphic
stlZX Spectrum Stellar Bitmap
stnGenuine Fractals Image STN
stpMSX2 Dynamic Publisher Stamp
stwNeopaint for Windows Stamp
stxSBIG CCD Camera Image
sulGFA Raytrace Image
sumoSumo Paint Image
sunSun Raster Image
suniffSun TAAC Image
svgScalable Vector Graphic
svgzCompressed Scalable Vector Graphic
svmStarView Metafile
svsAperio SVS Slide
svslideSakura Virtual Slide
swlMacromedia Flash Format Data
sxgZX Spectrum Speccy eXtended Graphics Bitmap
symLotus Freelance Graphics Symbol
synSynthetic Universe Image
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