Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

arnAstronomical Research Network Image
artAtari ST GFA Artist Image
artAtari 8-bit Ascii-Art Editor Image
artC64 Art Studio Image
artArt Image
artC64 Advanced Art Studio Image
artAtari ST Art Director Image
artbArtboard Document
artworkArtStudio Image
arwSony RAW Image
asiARTstor Image
atkAndrew Toolkit Raster Image
atrZX Spectrum Attributes Image
attAT&T Group 4 Bitmap Image
avatarGoogle Talk Avatar File
avciHEIF Image
avsStardent AVS X Image
avtSavySoda Avatar File
avwAnalyze AVW Image
awdArtweaver Document
axiAxon IW Image
azvAirZip Compressed Image
b&wImageLab Image
b16PCO Camera Image
bayCasio RAW Image
bb0BBC Micro Mode 0 Bitmap
bb1BBC Micro Mode 1 Bitmap
bb2BBC Micro Mode 2 Bitmap
bb4BBC Micro Mode 4 Bitmap
bb5BBC Micro Mode 5 Bitmap
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