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Graphic File Extensions

cshAdobe Photoshop Custom Shapes
cslmZeiss CSLM Bitmap
csmSinar CaptureShop RAW Image
ctScitex Continuous Tone
Silicon Graphics Iris Cliptexture
TIFF Contone File
ctfGammaFax TIFF Compressed Page
Optigraphics Image
cubiCubicomp PictureMaker Bitmap Image
curWindows Custom Cursor
cursorWindows Custom Cursor
cutAtari 8-bit Cut Creator Image
Dr. Halo Bitmap Image
cv5ACDSee Canvas 5 Drawing
cvdCalamus Vector Drawing
cvgCalamus Vector Graphic
cviCanvas X Image
CassiniVision Map Image
cvpWinFax Cover Page
cvxACDSee Canvas Image
cwgCommodore 64 Create with Garfield Image
cziCarl Zeiss Image Data
d3cAtari ST Compressed D-GRAPH Image
da4Atari ST PaintShop Image
dahAutoPlay Media Studio Splash Image
dalAutoPlay Media Studio Splash Image
dapAtari 8-bit SlideShow for VBXE Image
dazDAZ Studio 3D Scene
dc1Atari Falcon Compressed DuneGraph Image
DuneGraph Compressed Picture
dc3DICOM 3.0 Bitmap Image
dcimDICOM Bitmap Image
dcmDICOM Bitmap Image
dcm30DICOM 3.0 Bitmap Image
dcmjp2klJPEG2000 Compressed DICOM Image
dcrKodak Pro Digital RAW Image
dcsDesktop Color Separation Image
dcs2Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0 Document
dctCommodore Amiga DCTV Image
DALiM LiTHO Continuous Tone Bitmap
dctvCommodore Amiga DCTV Image
dcxMultipage PCX Fax
ddC64 Doodle Image
ddbDevice-Dependent Bitmap Graphics
ddlC64 Doodle Image
ddsMicrosoft DirectX DirectDraw Surface
deepCommodore Amiga TVPaint Image
delAtari Falcon DelmPaint Image
dg1Atari Falcon DuneGraph Image
DuneGraph Compressed Picture
dgcDuneGraph Compressed Picture
dgpAtari Digi Paint Image
dgtDigital Gallery File
dguAtari Falcon DuneGraph Image
DuneGraph Compressed Picture
dhgrApple IIe Double High-Resolution Image
dhpDr. Halo Picture
dhrApple IIe Double High-Resolution Image
Commodore Amiga Multi-palette Image
dhrpApple IIe Double High-Resolution Image
dibWindows Bitmap Image
dicDICOM Bitmap Image
dicmDICOM Bitmap Image
dicomDICOM Bitmap Image
dinAtari 8-bit DIN Image
disDKBTrace Scene
ditAtari 8-bit DrawIt Image
djvDjVu Scanned Image
djvuDjVu Scanned Image
dkoPinnacle Deko Graphics Data
dlmAtari 8-bit Dir Logo Maker Image
dlpCommodore 64 Drazlace Image
dlwDALiM LiTHO Line Work Image
dm2Gatan DigitalMicrograph 2 Image
dm3Gatan DigitalMicrograph 3 Image
dm4Gatan DigitalMicrograph 4 Image
dmiBYOND Dream Maker Icon File
dmsExigen Workflow Imaging Data
dmspPhotoSuite DMSP Image
dngDigital Negative Image
dolDolphinEd Image
dooAtari Doodle Image
dphAtari Falcon DelmPaint Image
dpxDigital Picture Exchange File
drCommodore Amiga Multi-palette Image
drawAcorns Object-based Vector Image
drawingArtboard Drawing
drawitDrawIt Drawing
dreamDreamMaker Animated Wallpaper
drgAtari 8-bit Atari CAD Image
drlCommodore 64 Drazlace Image
drpDraz Paint Bitmap
drvTraverse PC Desktop Drawing
drw2ACDSee Canvas 2 Drawing
drw5ACDSee Canvas 5 Drawing
drzDraz Paint Bitmap
ds4Micrografx Designer 4 Graphic
dsiDAZ Studio Layered Image Set
Fryrender Double-precision Spectral Image
dsrMicrografx Designer Graphic Data
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